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Clearing land is a much larger and more complicated process than most people consider. Existing structures, utilities, drainage systems and more need to be identified and evaluated to ensure a safe and effective solution.

When we think about all the brush andآ vegetationآ and trees and stumps that need to be cleared from a site, not to mention all the dirt that needs to be shifted to level the site, we’re very glad that we live in the age of technology. Our equipment is perfect for clearing away any tracts ofآ vegetationآ and top soil, leaving behind a solid foundation for a new construction.

Whether you have new construction plans, a home addition, or own land that needs clearing for the installation of pools, patios or other landscape features, The Lawn Barber is the perfect choice for all of your excavation and land clearing needs. From removing and recycling brush to excavating and grading, our team can spare you the stress of this large-scale project and handle it in a turnkey fashion from start to finish. More importantly, we are committed to protecting your property, the surrounding area, and the environment with every excavation or land clearing project.

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    Each barber takes great care and pride in his skills and provides clients with value, quality and expertise. We know that choosing the right company can mean the difference between curb appeal... and no appeal at all.

    Most homeowners and business owners are unsure what to do with certain areas of their property. At The Lawn Barber we have a team of specialists waiting to help. Call us today to talk about your next project.

    Are you interested in an extensive installation, garden maintenance, parking lot maintenance, or treatment of one area of your garden? Let our experienced, reliable staff help create your vision.

    The Lawn Barber, Inc. is a fully insured company that holds a Suffolk & Nassau County license for home improvements as well as being a NYS Licensed Pesticide applicator. We are a proud member of the Nassau and Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association and the Long Island Farm Bureau.