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The Lawn Barber Snow Removal Long Island
The Lawn Barber Snow Plowing Long Island


Time is of the essence when weather changes fast and without warning in Nassau County, NY. Winter weather has the potential to halt your business if you fail to prepare for it. To stay in tune with threatening conditions and potential storms in advance, we utilize a private forecasting service and monitor the radar and temperatures continuously throughout the winter season.

Our fully licensed and insured employees are reliable and experienced so you can keep your business open. We provide Commercial Snow Removal, Plowing & Maintenance Contracts in Nassau County, NY.

During all snow events our dispatch office and fleet maintenance are open 24 hours a day. Plan Early - Call Now

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    Each barber takes great care and pride in his skills and provides clients with value, quality and expertise. We know that choosing the right company can mean the difference between curb appeal... and no appeal at all.

    Most homeowners and business owners are unsure what to do with certain areas of their property. At The Lawn Barber we have a team of specialists waiting to help. Call us today to talk about your next project.

    Are you interested in an extensive installation, garden maintenance, parking lot maintenance, or treatment of one area of your garden? Let our experienced, reliable staff help create your vision.

    The Lawn Barber, Inc. is a fully insured company that holds a Suffolk & Nassau County license for home improvements as well as being a NYS Licensed Pesticide applicator. We are a proud member of the Nassau and Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association and the Long Island Farm Bureau.